Directors Mission Statement

“ To provide our customers the house of their dreams in the best possible prices in the market!! Our commitment to excellence in the service promise the least inconvenience, from the client’s first visit to finally moving in.”

Flourentzos and Andreas developers is a dynamic construction and development company offering well constructed properties in the south-east of Cyprus at very competitive prices.

We employ highly skilled, hard working and experienced personnel only to ensure that our constructions meet our customer’s expectations and highest international standards. Only the best materials are being used to ensure a sound investment. Also, the client has the advantage of choosing the right fittings for their residence.


Flourentzos & Andreas Construction was founded 14 years ago, to assist with the growth of the housing boom and construction needs of the resorts, then in 2003 Mr Alexandrou & Mr Hadjigeorgiou realised that there was a shortage of reasonably priced properties in southern Cyprus and this is when Flourentzos & Andreas Developers were born. During this relatively short period we have achieved an extensive portfolio of approximately 200 exceptional properties from apartments to villas that have already exceeded the current demand.

New projects are being released regularly to the market and waiting lists for new projects are growing, it is clear to see why Flourentzos & Andreas developers are going from strength to strength.

The Dream

Many clients have a dream when they begin to research property abroad either for a permanent home, vacations or investment. Here at Flourentzos & Andreas Developers we have the right property to suit every budget. When the clients decide on the property the service does not stop there. During the initial sale of the property maybe the client would like to change something in the house to suit there own needs, this can be easily done with a trip to the architect. The clients will always be assisted at each stage of the sale and somebody will always be on hand to answer any questions that may arise.

Make it a reality

The service does not stop with the hand over of the keys we can assist with the final little touches, furnishing the property, rental, maintenance of pools & Gardens, Security and even car hire. This all helps to reassure the client their property is in good hands while they are out of the country. We believe that a client is not just a client but also a friend this combination of client satisfaction and good customer service is what has made Flourentzos and Andreas Developers so successful.