We operate with professionalism, respect for the customer’s needs and enquiries and, best of all, we really enjoy what we do. We are fully aware of the maintenance and repair problems that can occur and we take pride in our ability to handle all sorts of tasks. The primary aim of the company is not only to respond to any emergency but also to provide our customers with an efficient plus quality maintenance service.

We are happy to offer every property owner the opportunity to consider engaging our services. With us you need look no further for all your property maintenance needs. With others there are questions, which must be considered. Sometimes, time is not an issue but neither is it negligible – are other companies as prompt as we are? We can take over your property responsibilities and, moreover, assure you of a courteous and comprehensive service.

Our services include:

Among the comprehensive services that F & A Developers can provide to every property holders are:

Maintenance of building:

  • Plumbing: Dripping taps? Leaking tank? Burst pipe? We carry out emergency plumbing repairs or general maintenance. Moreover, we fit new bathroom suites and showers.
  • Central heating: Need a service? Annual servicing keeps the boiler in good working order. Boiler past it’s best? We can give a free estimate of the cost of replacing your boiler and radiators if required
  • Air-Conditioning: F & A Developers will install and maintain the optimum choice of air conditioning or ventilation to meet clients’ needs and budget.
  • Electrical: We can provide diagnostic services and undertake minor repairs to switches, circuit breakers, time clocks and lighting fixtures of all types as well as managing the maintenance of all the electrical appliances in your kitchen, using the very best approved products at the most competitive prices.
  • Painting: We can undertake drywall patching, painting and the fixing of damaged wall-coverings as well as furniture, windows and doors.

Swimming pool maintenance

Maintaining your swimming pool is actually quite a simple procedure, however, if you would rather leave it to the experts all you have to do is ask, and we can manage it for you all year round. Our maintenance team knows how to handle this. They have the equipment and the experience to do the job.

Cleaning services

F & A Developers has a team of cleaners, which is available to clean your apartment or villa during your absence and have it ready for your arrival. They are also on hand to clean your property while you are in Cyprus.


The garden is one part of everybody’s property that needs constant care and attention. That is why F & A Developers has created a well equipped and trained team in order to provide professional ground maintenance services. Hedge work, fencing, planting, tree trimming as well as garden edging. In addition, the team is willing to assist you with any matter that comes along concerning the improvement of the overall appearance of your property.

Communal Property Management

In order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all the property holders who have chosen to invest in a communal property, F & A Developers can undertake to manage the communal areas of your property. In doing so we will take full responsibility for the maintenance and cleaning of all communal outdoors and indoors areas. In addition, we will attend to outdoor areas and facilities such as swimming pools, gardens, lighting and any other installations in the communal grounds of the development of which your property is a part.

Preventative Maintenance Visits

Technical maintenance is not only for aesthetic purposes. Keeping your property well maintained is the key to healthy growth in value. Additionally, the fact is that preventative maintenance, with all the time and money it consumes, is still far more cost-effective than the crisis management approach of waiting until something breaks and then scrambling to have it repaired. Preventative maintenance can avoid repairs, extend the useful life of many components and in some cases, reduce energy consumption.

So, we can arrange home inspections at least once every three months to identify current or possible future maintenance problems as well as to check for compliance with property maintenance codes.

Property letting

We would be happy to manage your holiday home as a rental property and take the stress out of you!

Property security

For those who do not wish to rent out their properties a key- holder service is also available. It is a pleasure for us to put your mind at ease. For your peace of mind we will make sure your property is safe and secure, neat and tidy and kept in very good order. Several checks will take place on a regular basis at your property especially after storms and high winds. If there is any structural damage we can photograph the damage and contact you immediately by post or e-mail so that you can make a decision on what to do next. Furthermore, the exterior of each home as well as the grounds will be inspected. If violations are found, F & A Developers will make every effort to make contact with the property owner to explain the violations and help to find solutions.

Property Insurance

Buying a property is a great achievement; it could be a dream that comes true. Additionally, this particular accomplishment could turn out to be a potential investment as well as your holiday home. Yet for people who have not decided whether they’re going to stay permanently or not in their holiday homes, some preventive measures should take place in order to secure their property and set their minds at ease. For that reason, we’re very keen to arrange you an appointment with our expertise insurance consultants here at our offices in Xylofagou or if that is a bit inconvenient to you we could arrange an appointment at your house on your request.

Now you can take real control of your property maintenance!!!